One of the best neighborly gestures..


One of the best neighborly gestures a human being can possibly make is to volunteer a bit of time from their busy schedule to help a person in need. This doesn’t always mean volunteering for a soup kitchen to help feed the homeless. Even volunteering as little as fifteen minutes of your time to help a neighbor clean up the trash spilled onto his lawn because somebody vandalized their trash can is enough to show the better part of yourself. Ideally, a volunteer who does have a heart of gold will not dedicate their time and energy to something as a means for selfish gain. They do so because it’s simply the right thing to do.



Volunteers are the crown jewel of any given community as they always seem to find enough time in the day to give back and do so without any expectation to receive personal gain. It’s not even about the recognition as the whole purpose behind volunteering for something is to help someone who needs someone to care enough to do right by them. Programs that seek volunteers are usually awesome but so is simply opting to volunteer to do solo projects to at least help make the corner of somebody’s world a better place.

Even with as little as fifteen minutes of one's day to help a neighbor clean up their yard works or volunteering a few dollars out of your grocery money to put something into a grocery store's food bank. Donating and volunteering work the same way as you're giving a piece of yourself to something that could use that helping hand, even if they don't always ask for it upfront.