When you volunteer to do a job

When you volunteer to do a job you know you won't get monetary payment for it, how does it make you feel? Do you do it because you want to or because you feel obligated to do so?

If that volunteer work

If that volunteer work is done as an obligation then odds are neither you nor the cause you’re contributing to are going to get anything positive out of it. The best volunteers are individuals who put their heart into something they believe in and do so for the pure joy of the experience. Such volunteers couldn’t care less if they get to bring a free t-shirt home for their efforts. All they care about is being of service to someone in need because it is in their nature to love thy neighbor as they love themselves. And no, doing voluntary work doesn’t mean it has to be a biblical experience. In some cases, people who volunteer for charities and events do so for all the wrong reasons as they seem to treat volunteer work as a bribe attempt to win over God. Among church-goers, if they understood their bible well enough they should know better that God pays more attention to what’s in the heart than the good works people do for whatever reason they use as an excuse to do it.

When you do volunteer work, make sure it's something you really want to do. Does your heart leap at the idea of helping someone out for whatever reason? If so, then your heart as a volunteer is in the right place. If not, then whoever it is you're helping will likely see through you and remember the experience with negativity. Genuine volunteer work should be something enjoyed so that it is a positive experience for everyone involved. This is what makes communities great and this is what keeps the world moving forward in a direction it needs to go.